Congratulations to the Night Shift Brewing crew and thanks for Sharing the Night

Night Shift Brewing’s official launch at Tommy Doyle’s Pub in Harvard Square was packed tonight! Congratulations to the guys for this huge milestone.

Beer and Ice Cream: not just for breakfast anymore

Several Boston-area brewers have worked out a sweet deal with a local dairy farm. Maple Valley Creamery trades their delious ice cream for spent grain from aMortonDesign clients Night Shift Brewing and Idle  Hands Craft Ales among others. The cows eat the grain, the brewers eat the  ice cream, and the public gets great beer. Everybody wins.

Night Shift Brewing’s Mike Oxton taking an ice cream break.

Night Shift Brewing is firing the burners and staying up late to bring you great beer

The reward for months of hard work and planning is the kind of hard work that these guys live for. Night Shift Brewing has cleared all the hurdles of licensing, code review, and recipe approval and has started their first professional batches in their new space in Everett. Congratulations guys!

This great 360 shot of the brewery shows the three founders hard at work in a session that ended at 4:36am, proving that they take their name seriously.

Raise your glass: Night Shift Brewery construction nearing completion

It has been a big week for the brewers at Night Shift Brewing. First their Massachusetts Farmer-Brewery license was approved.

If you have been following any of the upheaval around this issue you know there were big changes and lots of lively discussion when it seemed that the state licensing agency might change the entire landscape which had allowed Massachusetts to flourish as a center of great beer-making. So this latest license approval is especially wonderful news for Night Shift Brewing and the nano- and micro- and craftbrew loving citizens of our region.

And if all that wasn’t enough, their commercial brewery space is nearing completion. Night Shift Blogging has a great new post about their journey with some nice artistic shots of the aMortonDesign Permit Set on the construction site (thanks for the shout-out guys!).

Our contact during this process was Mike O’Mara, a one-time architecture student who has turned his creative talents to being part of a team that figures out how to combine familiar ingredients in unexpected ways. Consider the Tripel Tangerine Turkey centerpiece of last Thanksgiving to get a sense of their culinary range. And, of course, there is a Taza Stout in the mix since their roots are in Somerville. Looking forward to trying all the Night Shift Brews soon and guessing which unique local ingredients are in the mix.

Brewer’s Row fermenting in Everett

Permit and Construction drawings are complete for Night Shift Brewing, a Somerville-based and Everett-bound microbrewer. Although the space is still raw the installation of tenant walls and doors is underway and the floor has been cleared since photos in early August.

See more recent images and read commentary by Night Shift at their own site. Drawings were handed off yesterday and then we went next door to toast this milestone with the lastest brew from Idle Hands. This new libation is the only form of Patriarchy that I would consider refreshing and is well-worth a trip out to 3 Charlton Street for the weekly growler fill.

Someday soon it will be possible to hit the walls at Metro Rock and then head over to Brewer’s Row in Everett to sample and buy some great up and coming Boston area brews. If you are really smart you’ll move into the Charleston Lofts and not even have to designate a driver for the evening.

Somehow when we weren’t paying attention, Everett, MA became hip and happening.