Reclaimed wood table inspired by nautical furniture design

The challenge of providing informal eating space and flexible seating in a high-traffic corner is met by a table designed to hinge for storage against the wall. Reclaimed antique oak was obtained locally from Longleaf Lumber. The unique patina is enhanced by a “skip plane” finish on the top. The underside has been sanded for a lighter and more uniform appearance.

A continuous piano hinge secures the tabletop to a block bolted into the existing brick. The tabletop is secured to the wall with a double-jointed hook commonly used for cabinet doors aboard sailing vessels. The leg is attached with a Posi-lock Folding Leg Bracket which locks in place for table support and then again flush against the underside between cross-planks when stored against the wall.

Reclaimed antique oak was also used for a box shelf which spans the existing brick opening between the Kitchen and Porch. Due to the thickness of the plank and the intention to use the shelf for decorative display, no intermediate supports were required to prevent the shelf from “bowing” across the opening.

All the reclaimed wood will be finished with a semi-gloss coat of PolyWhey from Vermont Natural Coatings. The use of recycled whey proteins provides a durable and low-VOC finish and an outlet for whey as a byproduct of local Vermont cheese production.
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