Night Shift Brewing fit-out for commercial space

Starting fit-out work for brewing space for another local craft brewer, Night Shift Brewing.

Thanks to Chris and Grace Tkach of Idle Hands Craft Ales for the referral to their new neighbor.

We envision a future where you can sample some of the best and most innovative Massachusetts brews fresh from the tap in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play. Just a few days ago the future of craft brewing in Massachusetts was less promising due to a ruling by the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. The ruling would have required brewers operating under farmer-brewer licenses to grow or domestically source 50% of the grains or hops used in their product. Even more onerous was the realization that the alternative licensing path does not allow brewers to sell directly to retailers or operate tasting rooms. Fortunately our legislators and regulators self-corrected under the leadership of state Treasurer Steven Grossman with guidance from the Massachusetts Brewers Guild and numerous established and emerging local brewers. Officials are reviewing the rules and licensing options with a better understanding of the positive impact that small brewers have throughout the state.

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