Kitchen emerges with bamboo flooring, tile, cabinetry, and custom bench installation

Great progress has been made in the Allston Kitchen-Porch renovation.

The bamboo flooring is a rich contrast to the maple cabinets and  Paperstone counters in “chocolate” will soon be installed. The bamboo  floor material will be applied to the toe kick to give the impression  that the floor turns up and the cabinets float above a shadow line of  darker material.

The custom bench is made of maple veneer plywood and solid trim. The clear space below the seat is designed to accomodate baskets for storage. The wood will be finished with a dark aniline dye which will provide a rich saturated color without obscuring the wood grain. A 10″ deep Paperstone sill is installed around the porch to allow the clients many plants to soak up the natural light. Radiant heat has been installed under the tile in front of the bench for supplemental heating and added comfort for cool mornings. The client’s cat will undoubtedly make the most of this feature when not taking advantage of the deep sill for surveying bird activity in the nearby treetops.

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