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Beer and Ice Cream: not just for breakfast anymore

Several Boston-area brewers have worked out a sweet deal with a local dairy farm. Maple Valley Creamery trades their delious ice cream for spent grain from aMortonDesign clients Night Shift Brewing and Idle  Hands Craft Ales among others. The cows eat the grain, the brewers eat the  ice cream, and the public gets great beer. […]

Old house learns some new tricks

This renovation was undertaken to provide more work, play, and storage space for a growing family. With both parents working from home and caring for an active toddler, every inch of space is valuable and multi-purpose. The existing Living / Dining / Playroom were open to the Kitchen but felt disconnected due to a high […]

Boston Brownstone Goes Green

This recently completed renovation updated a Kitchen and 4-season Porch to improve circulation, function, and connection to the rest of the home. Relocating the entry from the Hall to the Dining Room wall allows light  and people to flow naturally between rooms while improving counter  layout and work space. The original entry became a niche […]

Super-charge your Prius (or Ford Escape)

If hybrid fuel efficiency isn’t enough eco-consciouness for you there are now plug-in kits to add battery power and life and further reduce fossil fuel consumption. This is just one of the many technological advances presented at the Solar and Wind Expo this past weekend in Marlboro, MA. ConVerdant is a Concord, NH-based business that […]