Re-vision the accessibility symbol and re-view a whole population

What begin as a casual scan of The Noun Project’s post about the International Symbol of Accessibility quickly led to unexpected and inspiring new territory.

In the case of accessibility not everyone is in a wheelchair and not everyone in a wheelchair has the same level of mobility or ability. In the Boston area we have the privilege of watching people in wheelchairs set world records in the marathon. That icon should perhaps show flames coming off the wheels. 

An Icon is a Verb reminds us of the challenges of distilling any group to a symbol. 


In fact, the word wheelchair doesn’t really begin to cover the variety of options available. Whether someone is a competitive cyclist, avid golfer, black diamond skier, landmine victim in an unpaved village, or anything in between, there seems to be a “chair” available.

And then there is this lady who simply leaves us speechless.

Not photoshop, for real.

Creating The Spectacle! indeed.


Additional Sources:  Hand Crank Bicycle / Nearly a Nerd – P.E.T. / Trend Huner – Velo / Wheelblades / Ride Designs / RatRodBikes – PreWar / Paragolfer


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