Beer and Ice Cream: not just for breakfast anymore

Several Boston-area brewers have worked out a sweet deal with a local dairy farm. Maple Valley Creamery trades their delious ice cream for spent grain from aMortonDesign clients Night Shift Brewing and Idle  Hands Craft Ales among others. The cows eat the grain, the brewers eat the  ice cream, and the public gets great beer. Everybody wins.

Night Shift Brewing’s Mike Oxton taking an ice cream break.

Night Shift Brewing is firing the burners and staying up late to bring you great beer

The reward for months of hard work and planning is the kind of hard work that these guys live for. Night Shift Brewing has cleared all the hurdles of licensing, code review, and recipe approval and has started their first professional batches in their new space in Everett. Congratulations guys!

This great 360 shot of the brewery shows the three founders hard at work in a session that ended at 4:36am, proving that they take their name seriously.