Brooklyn brownstone renovation connects living space to urban garden

This classic Brooklyn brownstone has numerous charms that have been obscured or distorted by misguided renovations. The present Kitchen suffers from scant work surface, decrepit cabinetry, and an awkward layout which blocks light from and connection to the back garden.

Relocating the fridge to an alcove allows light to penetrate and provides an opportunity create an opening to the adjacent room for entertaining. In this case a new fridge with a side-by-side configuration is essential to minimize door swing clearance and maximize counter surface. On the opposite wall there is space for a full-height pantry cabinet nestled into the corner next to the garden door. The depth must be limited so as not to block the door and light but the increase of storage space and work surface is still significant.

The room adjacent to the Kitchen serves multiple functions for the professor / dancer / poet / artist homeowner. It is a space for eating and reading; for grading papers and hosting dinner parties; for making art and entertaining friends.

Multi-purpose furniture and clever storage solutions will be the key to helping this room achieve it’s full potential and transition gracefully between identities. It should accommodate artistic creation and display as well as refined gatherings and moments when the doors and windows will be flung open to allow the party to spill into the garden.