Run like you give a damn: for your health and Architects for Humanity Boston

The 6th annual Architects for Humanity Boston 5K run is May 14th at 10am at Artesani Park in Brighton. Wouldn’t you rather be outside instead of sitting in the office on a Saturday? Here’s your excuse and a chance to save your friends and colleagues from slowly conforming to their office chairs and suffering vitamin-D deficiency. Put together a team and join the friendly throw-down between local firms.

Residential Design and Construction conference in Boston this week

Thursday and Friday your’s truly will be soaking up all the latest information, technology, and techniques of residential projects via workshops conveniently held at Seaport World Trade Center Boston. Continuing my education in Green Lighting will be the experts from Wolfer’s who help us understand the exploding market of LEDs as well as more traditional lighting options.

Another area of innovation with huge potential for energy and cost savings is insulation. Here in the Boston area we are fortunate to have National Fiber within 500 miles which contributes to LEED credit as well as supporting sustainable local industry. I look forward to learning about additional sustainable products and hearing case studies from other professionals.

And, finally, a session in Cellular PVC Siding. While I prefer materials found in nature and have concerns about the environmental and health impact of the manufacture of PVC, I speak with a lot of owners who are less than excited about yearly maintenance required for wood. So I am going with an open mind to hear about products from NuCedar Mills. From their website it appears that the “Green” claim is related to durability, recyclability, and eliminating the need for applying a new coat of paint, stain, or oil every 3-5 years. Certainly that is a benefit but will it satisfy my definition of Green and Sustainable?

And, of course, I will be biking or taking public transportation to the venue. Pretty sure it won’t snow but anything is possible…


Cambridge Flocks public art installation launching this weekend

After months of design, engineering, testing, and coordination with public agencies, the Cambridge Flocks project is taking off. Flocks is the winner of an ideas competition for a Public Art Commission sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council. Congratulations to Carolina Aragon and Rob Gilmore and the enormous team of students, residents, and volunteers for this amazing accomplishment.

Rural Studio’s Andrew Freear at Portland Museum’s Architalx

If you are anywhere near the Portland Museum of Art in Maine it is well worth checking out the Architalx series of lectures. Last night Andrew Freear presented work produced by this amazing group in Hale County both prior to and since the passing of Sam Mockbee.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, crushing poverty and lack of opportunity, the Rural Studio has created innovative and remarkable architecture which responds to the environmental and community context and needs of their largely underserved and disregarded clients.